KAPOK 88 Claimed

The ultimate in Interior Elevator Protection with added Bashability

Protect your elevator interior at your property from accidental damage, scrapes and dents, with Kapok 88 padded protective drapes.  We’ve been making our drapes for 35 years, and are the go-to people for the ultimate in elevator interior protection.

Our custom made drapes hang easily onto the walls of your elevator to provide a shielding layer of ‘Bashability’ perfect for those times when the elevator is being used to transport items such as furniture, bulky items, or works/contractors.  The drapes can be installed and removed as many times as required.   Our on-site survey service, removes all the hassle of taking measurements, we will do all that for you & guarantee a perfect fit.

You can customise with choice of colour and adding a logo/branding.

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