Maison UK Residential Ltd Claimed

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Maison UK is a new breed of Property Managing Agent, our blocks are managed with the understanding and view that we are npot just here to support and maintain your building but the commiunity and lifestyle choices that residents took in choosing their home.

Our goal is to improve the services provide tp not only the building, but also to provide services and support to improve the community and standard of living in the blocks we manage through proactive interaction and tailored services including lifestyle benefits built arount the buildings community interests ranging from resident days and events to store, restaurant and travel discounts, priority and benefits to regu;lar inspections and advise on improvements and care for individual apartments as well as the buildings communal area’s.

We have had success in resolving culteral issues in buildings that had been left to deteriorate socially leading to 75% increases in rentakl values and 25% increase capital value before any cosmetic improvements to the buolding, we are experienced in managing and impsroving blocks under LPA  control and also relaseing new high end blocks in both liverpool and the Wirral.

In every block we manage we undersand that leaseholders and letting tenants have chosen a homeich held the appearance and services to suit their life, lifestyle and aspirations and our role is not to only maintain the physical building and appearance but to improve those aspects as everyone does but to also build and maintain an environmet, afell and atmosphere that is conducive to them enjoying and relishing life in their own. which in turn naturally enhanses the capaital and desirablility of their asset.

We also offer full PRS/BtR services and are specialists in aprtment lettings and sales both on and off market,